L2Olimpo Triple Factions

Server time: UTC -3
Server Chronicles: Interlude
Armors: Grades B - A - S (no customs)
Weapon: Grades B - A - S (no customs)
Jewels Boss
Tattoo (NO)
Starting level 78
Sub-Class free Acumulative Sub +3
third classes in the last sub
Buff Noblesse in NPC Buffer
Donations are only for Adena and control panel services, they do not influence the balance in Game
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills (skiles are learned automatically)
Auto loot - drops automatically fall into inventory (except raid's Boss drops)
Wedding System


Accounts are created through the website.
Three Factions (Hades - Zeus - Poseidon)
Play style is PvP based on Capture the Flags event -C.T.F-
Rotating maps every 20 minutes
When creating the char, you choose one of the three Factions. By choosing the faction you go up to level 78 automatically.-
The starting level is level 78, you make the changes of professions of the base class and then choose the 3 subclasses you want to accumulate.
Finally, after having made all the subclass, you choose the third class change, which would correspond to the last SubClass chosen.
It is leveled from 78 to 80 making PvP on each of the Capture The Flag maps. Each PvP gives you adena and pvp Points, and each captured flag also gives you adena, with that adena the equipment is bought
In the NPC Merchant Shop you can purchase for free the equipment of grade B - By Adena you get equipment grade A and with the pvp points you get the equipment Grade S. Consumables are free.-
WE DO NOT HAVE: Quest, Farm Mob, Craft, Raid Boss. With GK only for maps in C.T.F.


Make 20 kills continuously and acquire Heroe status.
This status only lasts until you re-login.


Experience (EXP) x1
Skill Points (SP) x1
Adena x1
Party: x1
Drop: x1


Safe Enchant +4
Max. Enchant Weapon +16
Max. Enchant Armor / Jewels +16
Normal Chance Scroll: 50%
Chance Scroll Blessed: 75%


Buff Slot 36 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
All buffs in NPC
Buff time 3 hours
Buffs Free in NPC Buffer
System PvP: Lose Buff in Chaotic Zone


Secured Server uptime 99.9% Online 24 hours
Server with guaranteed stability No Lag for thousands of players
All Injection Protections
DDoS Protection by HyperFilter
Geodata and Pathnodes working 100%

Downloads and Registers